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When you are faced with a debt situation that requires immediate attention, you may not be ready for the costs or retaining an attorney. If you need an emergency bankruptcy to stop a garnishment, prevent a repossession, or to save your home from foreclosure, we can help RIGHT NOW. Even if you don’t have the money up-front to file your Chapter 7, Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you. How? If you qualify for our $0 down Vegas bankruptcy payment program, you pay no money down.  The remaining fees are paid through an agreed monthly payment schedule over time.  Contact our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer for a free consult. (702) 370-0155.


The majority of Chapter 7 case filings give a fresh start; especially, when you erase debt, and receive a bankruptcy discharge.  At Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers, a professional attorney will assist you with the petition filing and documentation.  Also, your lawyer will help you understand the bankruptcy process and help you through it from filing to discharge.  After you wipe out your debt, it is important to us you rebuild your credit and improve your credit score.  Our firm will provide you with the information you need to get your credit back on track, now that you have your debt cleared up.

Additionally, Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers will protect your rights, and communicate with you throughout the process.  Contact us to find out if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Vegas, and to schedule your FREE debt evaluation and consultation with an attorney.


Filing a Las Vegas, Nevada Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition will allow you to erase many financial debts and obligations.  After successfully completing the bankruptcy process, the Bankruptcy Court will grant a discharge.  This means you will not have to pay back certain debts.  In many cases, the bankruptcy discharge will leave you totally debt free and ready for a clean slate an new financial beginning.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy in many ways is the easiest way to become debt free.  Get in touch with a bankruptcy or debt relief attorney today.

A benefit of a Nevada Chapter 7 is being able to keep most of your personal property while eliminating debt.  Chapter bankruptcy attorneys in Nevada would be of great assistance. 

Other benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection STOPS:

  • creditors from calling you, contacting you, or attempting to collect a debt
  • a foreclosure
  • any judgement against you for a debt owed
  • payday loans
  • a wage garnishment

After filing a Chapter 7, collection efforts legally have to stop.

Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Right For You? 

A Las Vegas bankruptcy is usually a good option for people whose debt is out of control and few significant assets.  Also, a Nevada chapter 7 bankruptcy can be used to eliminate high medical bills, debts incurred by a recent divorce, high interest credit cards, and many other debts.  Specifically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy has many benefits.

In Las Vegas, people filing for bankruptcy protection get a fresh start and an opportunity to again move forward debt free.  Contact our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer; specifically, to find out if filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Las Vegas may be the best option for you and your family.

Additionally, there are many myths associated with a chapter 7 bankruptcy, don’t believe them!  The chapter 7 bankruptcy truth is you can usually keep your home, your car or truck, and your personal property.  After a chapter 7 bankruptcy it is important to work on rebuilding your credit.  Vegas bankruptcy lawyer Eric Severino can help you eliminate your debt, get your finances back on track, and assist you in reestablishing your credit.