How a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Work For You:

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Experienced Las Vegas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

• If you need to stop a Wage Garnishment.

•If you Are behind on federal or state taxes.

•When you have Assets that you want to protect.

•When you re behind on your car payment.

•If you are facing vehicle repossession.

•If you are looking at a foreclosure or are behind on a mortgage.

*In Nevada, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy remains on a credit report for seven years.

In a Nevada Ch 13 bankruptcy you can repay on your debts at an amount you can afford based on your budget.  If you do not qualify for a Chapter 7, you can still protect yourself under bankruptcy using a Chapter 13.  Contact our Las Vegas Ch 13 bankruptcy lawyer.

In a chapter 13 our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney can stop garnishments quickly (same day if applicable).  Also, in a Ch 13, it protects all of your property from creditors.  Additionally, we can stop a home foreclosure or a vehicle repossession.  Plus, Ch 13 is the plan to resolve income tax debts. 

Many people use this bankruptcy to catch up on property taxes, vehicle loans, or your mortgage.  Also, in a Las Vegas Ch 13 bankruptcy we may even be able to recover cars that have already been repossessed.  Therefore, Contact our experienced ch 13 BK attorney for a better understanding of the many benefits a chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide.


Our Las Vegas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers is a bankruptcy law firm dedicate themselves to helping Nevada residents in times of extraordinary economic hardships.  Also, our ch 13 bankruptcy attorneys understand that clients take filing bankruptcy as a serious decision.  Let our Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm give you the information you need and the understanding of your debt and the bankruptcy process to help you make the right move to relieve your debt.  Declaring bankruptcy in Las Vegas is a bit complicated, and can be overwhelming.  Ch 13 bankruptcies are even more complex and you should have the assistance of a seasoned Nevada ch 13 bankruptcy attorney.  We are here to help.

Many clients we serve really don’t want to file bankruptcy.  In fact, many are just victims of bad circumstances.  Thus, we will explore all debt relief options and let you consider which means of eliminating your debt is the best for your situation.  Additionally, in discussing your debt relief options, we can help you come to a determination and work toward your financial goals.


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Our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers has a reputation for providing Nevada and Las Vegas clients with legal service at an affordable cost.  Our attorneys have expertise in the Nevada bankruptcy law and our experience filing bankruptcy cases in Vegas.  Thus, we want to ensure that bankruptcy is indeed the most beneficial way to handle your debt.  We also offer a FREE consultation and debt evaluation that can be done in office, or over the phone.  Contact our Clark County debt relief law firm and get the assistance your seek.

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

Ch 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada

A Ch 13 bankruptcy is different from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.  It is the second most popular bankruptcy chapter filed in Nevada. Thus Ch 13 may be a better option for those who have a regular income.  When a Chapter 13 petition is filed in Nevada, the automatic stay immediately stops certain creditor actions:  vehicle repossession, foreclosure, wage garnishment, and any attempts by creditors to collect a debt.  Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer Erik Severino has filed hundreds of Ch thirteen bankruptcies for individuals and families in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

Additionally, we devise a plan and file with the federal bankruptcy court in a Chapter thirteen.  In this plan, the debtor agrees to pay debts such as mortgages or car loans.  Also, the plan outlines a schedule of affordable monthly payments over a three to five year period of time to repay creditors.  Plus, a trustee is appointed to Chapter thirteen cases, and is involved in the bankruptcy process.  In other words, our Las Vegas Ch 13 BK Lawyers will work with you throughout the entirety of your Ch 13 case.