Discharge Your Medical Bills Through Bankruptcy

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Discharging medical debt may not be something you ever thought you would have to consider.  However, sometimes you may need to file for bankruptcy because of a result of debts that were not voluntary.  Medical debts are one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy filings in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.  Good news for many people struggling with out-of-control medical debt is that most of the time you can eliminate all of your medical debt through bankruptcy.

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Nevada residents who enjoyed a stellar credit rating come to the Law Offices of Erik Severino with medical expenses they simply can not pay.  Many have depleted their savings and are simply out of options as creditors are hounding them for payment.  Our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney can show you how discharging medical debt can be the first step to a “fresh start” for you and your family financially.

If I File Bankruptcy and Include My Doctor’s Fees, Will He Still See Me?

The short answer to this question is possibly not.

Many people are concerned about what will happen to their relationship with their doctors and other medical providers if they discharge the medical debt. You may think it will be difficult to visit a trusted doctor. With one exception (hospital emergency treatment) medical providers can refuse to treat you after their debt has been discharged in bankruptcy. In reality, most will not take that drastic action. They understand the need for bankruptcy and why you filed the case. Most are happy to keep you as a patient as long as you’re willing to pay the debt you incur going forward.

Keep in mind, there are some Doctors and medical providers who won’t do business with you after you include them in a bankruptcy.  If that happens, it may not be ideal for you, however,  you can always find another medical provider as .there are several to choose from in Nevada.

You might feel better knowing that there’s no law or rule that would prevent you from paying those medical bills after your bankruptcy case is over and you’re better able to afford it. It’s completely up to you who you pay and how much. If you want to pay your Doctor back, but not your credit card, that is your choice.  Once you have filed bankruptcy and the debt has been discharged, you don’t have to pay anyone back.

Eliminate Medical Debts and Start Building Your Credit

Carrying large amounts of medical debt will severely limit your ability to improve your credit.  Thus, even if you do enter into a monthly re-payment plan for your medical debts, the high balances of the medical debt will limit how much you may be able to increase your credit score.  Keep in mind, credit ratings and credit scores do not improve over time if you owe large debts related to unpaid medical bills.  Sometimes discharging medical debt is the best solution.

Medical bills and expenses incurred when hospitalized are debts you can discharge in a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Declaring bankruptcy in Las Vegas can be significantly reduced or eliminated. Therefore, our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer, Erik Severino prides himself on compassionate advocacy. Erik understands that a physical illness is only made worse by the resulting medical bills. Though, you may recover from your medical problems, the medical bills and medical debt will continue to linger.  Consider discharging your medical debt.

What You Should Know Before Filing a “Medical Bankruptcy”

First and foremost, you need to know that there is no such thing as a “Medical Bankruptcy” in Nevada.  Though you are filing bankruptcy to rid yourself of medical debt, you can’t limit the reach of the bankruptcy you file to just your medical debt.  Therefore, if you’re filing a case to get debt relief from your medical debt, you’ll also eliminate your other unsecured debts in the process.

There are things that you should know if you are considering filing for bankruptcy because of overwhelming medical debt.  Please know that you are not alone. You are not the only one considering filing for bankruptcy to get rid of huge hospital bills and medical debt.  On average, at least 25% and as many as 50% plus of all bankruptcies include some form of medical debt.  Medical treatments are common bills people have and want to discharge in their bankruptcy filing.

Discharging Medical Debt in Las Vegas

Pride may stand in your way in filing bankruptcy over your medical bills. Additionally, fear of judgment or criticism from friends may delay what could be an inevitable step of discharging medical debt in a bankruptcy. The longer you put off filing, the more your phone rings.  Creditors will harass you mercilessly.

Medical debt creditors can also take action that other creditors won’t.  Medical care providers take actions like levying against your tax refund or garnishing your paycheck. Discharging medical debt through chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy would prevent this from happening. Stop watching your superior credit score deteriorate, now is the time to start over.

Feel like you are out of options?  Searching for light at the end of a dark tunnel of medical debt?  Call our Las Vegas Medical Debt Attorney and learn about the option of discharging medical debt thought bankruptcy.  The Law Offices of Erik Severino offers free medical debt consultations and can offer a variety of debt relief solutions for Las Vegas, Clark County, and throughout Nevada.  Call (702) 370-0155 for a free consult and medical debt evaluation. 


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