Life After Filing for Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

life after bankruptcy, Bankruptcy lawyers in Las Vegas You just filed bankruptcy – now what? 

There is Life After Bankruptcy.  Many people in the Las Vegas area face filing for bankruptcy every year.  Along with declaring bankruptcy, these Las Vegas residents have to face life after filing for bankruptcy.

Will life be a lot different after filing for bankruptcy?

Simple answer, Yes.  But it may be a lot different than what you may have been told.  There are many bankruptcy myths out there regarding how things are after filing chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy in Vegas.

Filing a bankruptcy in Nevada is a major decision.  Your credit will initially take a major hit; however, you will be able to repair and rebuild your credit over time.  You have to determine if the benefits of filing bankruptcy outweigh the hit that your credit is going to take once you file for bankruptcy in Las Vegas.

Getting A Loan After Filing Bankruptcy

Additionally, getting a loan of any kind after filing bankruptcy will be extremely difficult for the next couple years.  Although, it is possible rebuild your credit and increase your credit score by getting secured credit cards or some types of loans in the first 12 months after filing.  Other types of bigger purchases or loans may not be an option until after 12-24 months after filing.  For example, a home or a vehicle may not be an option until after 12-24 months after filing.

However, there are higher risk credit options that are available to many people after bankruptcy.  These credit lines come from finance companies that charge exorbitant rates of interest. These are not the best options as high interest credit is not the best method of achieving a positive life after bankruptcy.

Credit Cards After Filing Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

One of the best things that you can do to rebuild your credit; especially, after bankruptcy is to get 3 lines of credit.  For example, 3 credit cards and make timely payments on each account.  Lenders and other who may extend you credit see you as a bad risk because you’ve legally written off at least some of your past debts. Believe it or not, credit cards will be easy to get after filing for bankruptcy.  The credit card companies know they can charge you high interest rates.  Plus, credit card companies view people who have filed for bankruptcy as a safe debt risk as these people just filed for bankruptcy protection and usually can’t file for bankruptcy again for 8 years.  Thus, the credit card companies know you won’t be able to file bankruptcy on them and will offer you a credit card.

One of the most popular credit cards for people who have filed bankruptcy is Las Vegas own Credit One Bank credit card.  They offer a low credit limit to people with lower credit scores which is usually the case after filing bankruptcy.  A high interest credit card is good because consistent payment of your credit card bill will quickly rebuild your credit after filing for bankruptcy in Nevada.

Improving Credit After Filing a Nevada Bankruptcy 

Of course, it will take a lot of work and dedication to improve your credit after bankruptcy.  However, if you change the bad habits that led you to bankruptcy, your life after filing bankruptcy can be better. Our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer knows that life doesn’t end when you file for bankruptcy.

After bankruptcy you are pretty much debt free.  The best thing to do after bankruptcy is getting expert legal advice. Understanding bankruptcy and it’s benefits allows you to get all the advantages of bankruptcy.  For example, in bankruptcy there is discharging most unsecured debts, possible exemptions of assets, and the “fresh start” afforded by filing.  There is also the feeling of relief that ridding yourself of debt provides.

Your Nevada bankruptcy case does not end with your discharge at our law firm. Our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney, Erik Severino will help you understand the means by which you can improve your credit and better your life after bankruptcy.   Call (702) 370-0155 for a free consult.

Make Sure to Check Your Credit Score on the Regular

Checking your credit score regularly will help you see the progress as you improve your credit and life after bankruptcy.  There are many options to checking your credit score.  Many credit cards such as capital one credit card include a free FICO score and credit update .  There are also free options available to check your credit scores such as Free Credit  Our Las Vegas Debt Relief team suggests taking advantage of these options.  Watch as your credit score rises and your confidence builds as your Life After Bankruptcy in Nevada happens. 

Credit Counseling Provides Education That Improves Life After Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy in Nevada, you are required to attend bankruptcy counseling by an approved organization; you can do these classes on-line.  The more you understand about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the better you are equipped to make decisions about your financial future. These credit counseling classes provide education that can improve your life after bankruptcy in Las Vegas.

Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers will help you make the transition from being in debt – to – eliminating debt through bankruptcy- to -life after bankruptcy in Las Vegas. Part of the bankruptcy process at our firm is giving you the information you need and providing a good understanding about Las Vegas bankruptcy.

Our law firm wants to provide you with the feeling of comfort and the tools necessary to rebuild credit. You may need help to stay out of financial trouble after a discharge. Creating and following a realistic budget, for example, will help you get started on your new life after a bankruptcy. Let us provide you with the steps to ensure that your credit score can improve.




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