Writing a Will: Ideas For Your Testament, Even If You Aren’t Rich

Reasons To Consider Drafting a Will In Nevada

Even if you live a modest lifestyle and don’t anticipate having significant assets to leave to your loved ones, that doesn’t mean that there is no reason for you to have a will. Some things in your life can only be designated with a will, or may hold emotional value that can be measured in dollars. You should consider drafting a will (and ensuring it is legally valid, witnessed, and notarized) to leave your loved ones with non-monetary reminders of you after you pass away.

Senior Couple Writing a Will In Las Vegas, NV

Designating a Guardian For Your Pets If You Pass Away

One thing that prevents many senior citizens from adopting pets is the anxiety over what will happen should their pets outlive them. However, owning a pet has been proven by researchers to reduce stress, encourage exercise, and decrease feelings of loneliness. If you’d like to adopt a pet and take advantage of these side effects, it may give you more peace of mind to designate a guardian for your furry friends if you pass away before they do. You can also leave money or assets to financially provide for their care after your passing.

Guardianship Of a Child In Case Of Parent’s Death

A will is the only legal document you can use in Arizona to designate a guardian for your minor children if you pass away. That’s why if you have minor children, you should have a will regardless of your financial situation. If you don’t have a will in these circumstances, it will be up to the courts to decide where the children should be placed.

What To Do With Your Remains: Burial, Cremation, Body Farms, etc.

People’s wishes on what to do with their remains after they pass away can be a religious decision, or simply a personal decision. Many people wish to be buried in a graveyard, possibly in a certain graveyard or next to a certain loved one. Some may prefer instead to be cremated. If you wish, you can designate a recipient for your ashes and instructions on what to do with them. You may also want to leave funds for these expenses, if possible, instead of leaving that financial responsibility with your loved ones. There are also options available to you besides burial and cremation. Body farms used donated human remains to study the decomposition process. This helps forensic researchers solve crimes, and cadaver dogs and search and rescue teams also train at these facilities. You can also donate your body for medical research.

Naming a Digital Executor: Handling Your Digital Library Account Information & Passwords

You may have music, movies, and other media downloaded in your digital library that you think your loved ones would enjoy. You can include a designation for your digital media accounts in your will, as the courts are unlikely to allow you to give the media itself. Laws may be updated in the future regarding digital media. For the meantime, the person you leave this information to is known as your “digital executor.”

Passing Down Family Heirlooms In Your Will

Some of the items you own may not be worth a lot to a random stranger, but could be priceless to your loved ones. Common examples include wedding dresses, family portraits, recipes, art projects, and timepieces. If your friend or loved one has an attachment to one of your heirlooms and you pass away without a will, it will be up to the kindness of whoever the state names the executor of your estate to make sure that person gets the heirloom.

Making a Will In Las Vegas? Contact Our Experienced Attorneys

When drafting your final will and testament, it’s vital that your wishes are stated in a clear and legal way. The best way to do this, and ensure that your family doesn’t have to endure court battles to carry out your final wishes, is by hiring an experienced Nevada will lawyer to draft your will for you. It’s never too early to draft your will, so contact us today to speak with one of our will attorneys!


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