Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorneys Offers “Zero Down Bankruptcy Filings”

zero down bankruptcy program infographicMany people in Las Vegas who need to file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy simply can not afford a bankruptcy attorney. This is one of the reasons Our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorneys offer “Zero Down Bankruptcy Filings”.

As we are in the full swing of the Holiday season, there is no greater time that the stresses of finances rear their their ugly head.  Christmas and New Year’s is a usual time of year that people reach the end of their rope with credit cards and bill collectors.  There is not much Holiday cheer when a person is worried about a wage garnishment or repossession.

Something to consider as we are heading into the new year is getting a “Fresh Start” through our Zero Down Bankruptcy Filing.  The no money down bankruptcy filing will be the perfect solution as chances are the bevy of Christmas presents and holiday expenses have left you without enough money to pay for a bankruptcy lawyer in advance.  If you had to wait and save $1200 or more to pay an experienced Nevada bankruptcy attorney, how long would you have to wait before you could get the much needed debt relief.

Is This Really a $0 Down Bankruptcy Filing?

What’s the catch?  Is this really a $0 down bankruptcy filing?  How are you able to offer this?  Here is how it works; First, a “skeleton” bankruptcy filing is filed for you at no charge.  Next, we file the second part of your bankruptcy petition.  We charge for the 2nd part of your bankruptcy filing, however, you don’t have to start paying for your bankruptcy until 30 days after you file.  Then, you make simple monthly payments to pay for your bankruptcy.
Keep in mind, even a “simple” Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Nevada is still a complex legal procedure that takes place in the federal courts.  We believe that you should not try to file for bankruptcy protection without the assistance of an experienced lawyer.  Our simplified “Zero Down BK” process makes it possible for people who may not be able to afford a bankruptcy attorney, now they have an option.

Why Even Offer Zero Money Down Bankruptcy?

infographic zero down bankruptcy programWe started doing our Zero Down Bankruptcy filing option to help out people in Henderson, Summerlin, and Las Vegas who may not be able to afford legal assistance. Attorney Erik Severino got into this profession because he wanted to help people.  This “$0 Down BK option” helps clients to have a successful bankruptcy.  It also stops creditor collection efforts, stops garnishments all while allowing the client to pay for their BK on a set schedule.
Many people in Nevada need to file for BK.  People who need to file for bankruptcy are not deadbeats. They are all too often good people facing an unfortunate situation.  Our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyers believe in them enough to offer this service. We believe in you enough to offer this service.
Start the New Year off right, contact our Nevada bankruptcy attorneys about filing for bankruptcy with $0 down.  Use our Zero Down Bankruptcy Filing to get you a “Fresh Start” to the New Year.