The Benefits Of Declaring Bankruptcy With Attorney Representation In Nevada

7 Reasons To Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney In Las Vegas

Our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys take a look at the benefits that you receive when you hire an experienced lawyer to handle your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing in Nevada. Though you can file bankruptcy without an attorney, it is best practice to seek an experienced debt relief lawyer in Nevada when filing for bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer is just a phone call away, contact us today at (702) 370-0155. We offer free consultations, ow payment plans, and a Zero Down Bankruptcy option.

7 Reasons To Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney In Las Vegas

Bankruptcy On a Budget

If you’re considering declaring bankruptcy in Nevada, chances are that you’re operating on a pretty tight budget. You might be thinking that foregoing a bankruptcy attorney could be a way to save money, especially if you have a do-it-yourself attitude. But if you want to enjoy all the benefits that bankruptcy has to offer, you need to fully understand how bankruptcy laws apply in Nevada. Filing your case without a professional’s guidance could end up costing you far more time and money in the long term. For more information about how surprisingly affordable it can be to retain a high-quality Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney, call or use our online form to request your free consultation.

Bankruptcy Petition Preparation In Las Vegas

Many people don’t realize just how long a bankruptcy petition is until it comes time to sign them with their attorneys. Most bankruptcy petitions are well over 50 pages long. They will be drafted using several of your financial documents, like bank account statements, tax returns, loan balances and terms, child and spousal support orders, pay stubs, and more. If you hire an attorney, it will be your responsibility to provide the attorney with these documents, and your attorney’s responsibility to use them to create your petition. Filing bankruptcy without an attorney means you will need to pore over every detail of your financial situation and draft a legal document that is numerous pages long without prior experience.

Avoid Costly Errors In Your Nevada Bankruptcy Filing

When you declare bankruptcy, it’s crucial that your document is as accurate as possible- the first time. Oversights and mistakes could have numerous negative consequences. Usually a best-case scenario for a bankruptcy petition mistake is when you are allowed to simply amend your petition, which still costs you extra fees and drags out the process’s length. Your case could also be temporarily dismissed until you refile. This could be devastating if you are relying on the Automatic Stay to protect you from your creditors. This lapse in protection might mean your creditors can proceed with a repossession, foreclosure, bank levy, and more until you successfully refile with the court.

Sometimes you will face the consequences of mistakes in your filing before having the opportunity to fix your petition through an amendment or refiling. While a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be voluntarily dismissed by the petitioner, this option isn’t available for those who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. So you may be stuck with some issues in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if your case wasn’t planned carefully. For example, your home or vehicle could exceed Nevada’s bankruptcy exemptions, allowing the trustee to seize the asset to sell and pay the excess to your creditors. A bankruptcy attorney can help you avoid all the potential pitfalls that bankruptcy presents so that your case can be discharged as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers Deal With Your Creditors

Debt collectors are notoriously annoying and manipulative, and you may be facing valid threats of repossession, wage garnishment, etc. Your bankruptcy attorney will make sure that all creditor harassment against you stops. First, once you retain a bankruptcy attorney, you can let your creditors know to direct all communications towards your attorney from that point onward. This will give you the peace and quiet to gather your documents and prepare for your bankruptcy filing. Your attorney will also make sure that all of your creditors are listed on your creditor mailing matrix, or the list that the court uses to notify your creditors of your bankruptcy filing and Automatic Stay protection.

Attorney Guidance Through Every Step Of The Bankruptcy Process

From the filing date to discharge, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically lasts 3-6 months, and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will last 3 or 5 years. This does not include the time it takes to prepare your bankruptcy petition. You will have documents to complete, trustee requests to comply with, hearings to attend, and more if you want to discharge your debts through bankruptcy. Mistakes could result in your assets being seized or repossessed, having to pay expensive extra fees and charges, or your case and discharge being delayed. So if you want to get the best out of bankruptcy, and none of the worst, you will need a professional’s opinion along every step of the way.

To hire a bankruptcy lawyer, your first step will be to schedule consultations with bankruptcy firms in your area. The lawyer should evaluate your debts and income to determine if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 (or some form of debt relief besides bankruptcy) is right for you. You may qualify for only one or the other, but if you qualify for both, each will present its own advantages and disadvantages. Your lawyer will help you figure out how to best achieve your financial goals through bankruptcy. This guidance will continue through until your case is discharged- and if you file with us, feel free to contact us after your case has been discharged with any additional questions.

Emergency Bankruptcy Filings In Las Vegas For Emergency Situations

While a bankruptcy petition can take quite a while to prepare, there is an expedited option available for debtors in emergency positions. An emergency filing, or a skeleton petition, allows the debtor to enjoy the protections of the Automatic Stay much sooner than a standard filing. You may want to utilize this option if you are facing an impending foreclosure or repossession, or if your wages are being garnished. But filing an emergency petition makes things more complicated, especially if you file without attorney representation.

To utilize an emergency filing, you will need to create a skeleton petition which includes your basic contact and income information. You will also need to complete your first online credit counseling course, and file that along with your bankruptcy petition. After filing your skeleton petition with the court, you will have 14 days to complete and file the rest of your petition. If you fail to file the rest of your petition within that 14-day period, your case will be dismissed, you will lose the protection from the Automatic Stay, and your creditors can continue with their chosen method of collection.

See The Difference For Yourself With Your Free Debt Evaluation

The numbers don’t lie, and debtors who file for bankruptcy with an attorney representing them consistently fare better than those who file with self-representation. About one third of Chapter 7 bankruptcies and 99% of Chapter 13 bankruptcies filed without an attorney are dismissed, while attorney-represented debtors see success rates of about 96% and 42%, respectively. With your house, car, bank account, and more on the line, hiring an attorney could end up saving you money versus filing self-represented. It will also save you the time and stress that it takes to prepare a bankruptcy petition. If you aren’t sure yet, call or use our online form to schedule a time to speak with one of our experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys.

Additionally, our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney and staff will make sure you qualify and explain the bankruptcy process to you in greater detail. If bankruptcy is right for you, you will receive an affordable quote for our legal services, and if you’re eligible, payment options starting at $0 down. To learn more, call or use our online form to request your free consultation today.


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