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What Do I Do, I am Facing Foreclosure?

Seeking a foreclosure assistance attorney in Las Vegas?  Have you fallen behind on your house payments or your mortgage payments? Perhaps, have you already received a foreclosure notice on your property from the bank? If you’ve answer yes to either of these questions, please contact the Law Office of Erik Severino to discuss details of your pending foreclosure.  Our Nevada foreclosure lawyer offers free, initial consultations.   You can learn what legal options are available to you without any additional financial burdens.  We can assist you in saving your home.

Many People in Clark County are way too familiar with home foreclosure.  Home foreclosures are still running high and sometimes foreclosure assistance is necessary.  Our Las Vegas debt relief experts can assist you with better management of your debts.  Set up a free consult and learn how to stop foreclosure in Las Vegas.  Call (702) 370-0155 and get the foreclosure assistance you seek.

Foreclosure Assistance Attorney. What do I do if I am facing foreclosure? Stop Foreclosure in Nevada | Foreclosure Assistance One way to stop a foreclosure sale:  file a bankruptcy petition.  An automatic stay goes in to effect immediately upon filing bankruptcy in Las Vegas.  Also, the automatic stay is a protection provided by bankruptcy code that prevents all collection activity — foreclosure sales included.  Therefore, this is one of the most effective forms of foreclosure assistance in Nevada.

Foreclosure can effect you at any time. Individuals may face foreclosure because they are unable to resume making regular payments.  Missed payments leads penalties  they can not afford.  Therefore, the vicious cycle of playing “Catch up” starts.

When you experience temporary financial setbacks stemming from a medical situation, job loss, divorce, or other economic factor, it may cause you to fall behind on mortgage payments. When facing a foreclosure, because of a temporary financial setback, filing bankruptcy may get you the help you need.  

Exploring Foreclosure Options

Exploring your options is always a good idea if you are a homeowner facing a foreclosure.  Depending on your financial and long-term goals, the best method to keep your home and bring debt relief can be determined by an experienced attorney.  Part of using Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers law firm is allowing our attorneys to evaluate your debt situation, and then letting us help you understand your options. Nevada Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a complicated process, and our attorneys know know to navigate the bankruptcy code.

If you are facing the prospect of home foreclosure in Las Vegas, it is important that you contact our bankruptcy law office.   In particular, our foreclosure assistance attorney, with offices in Henderson and Las Vegas, understand the uncertainty and fear that goes along with the threat of foreclosure.  Our foreclosure law firm will provide you with first class representation that addresses your specific circumstances.  The comfort having our experienced staff eases the stress of the situation.  Also, with our assistance, you may be able to successfully defend against foreclosure and remain in your home.

Vegas Foreclosure Assistance Lawyers Can Help

Whether you are panicking because of an eminent home foreclosure, or if you have been missing mortgage payments. You need to talk to someone about this situation, we can help.  Don’t feel hopeless, our debt relief team will discuss with you various methods of foreclosure assistance.   These are useful tools to get yourself out of debt and put a stop to a foreclosure.  Filing for bankruptcy can cause your credit to take a hit.  Although, our firm helps you establish and rebuild and improve your credit after a discharge.  Settling debt and paying monthly bills on time is one of the best things you can do to improve your credit score.  There is life after bankruptcy.

If you are hounded non-stop by creditors trying to collect on a debt, they will legally be forced to stop when you file for bankruptcy.  Foreclosure action must also stop, per the automatic stay.  Act in a timely matter and contact our law office to ensure that you may stop a foreclosure in your particular debt situation.

No one plans on losing their home or missing mortgages to the point of foreclosure, but it does happen. Rest assure that you do have options!  Calling Vegas or Henderson Bankruptcy Lawyers you are in the hands of very knowledgeable and trustworthy attorneys that will assist.  Attorneys who can help you make the best decision regarding your home and your financial goals.

Las Vegas Bankruptcy Foreclosure Attorney

If you are facing a foreclosure in Las Vegas, an option to save your home may be to file a Las Vegas Bankruptcy.  A Las Vegas Bankruptcy stops collection efforts from the people foreclosing on your home or property in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.   Our Las Vegas bankruptcy law firm provide the people of Henderson and Las Vegas with experienced foreclosure lawyers with low legal fees and affordable bankruptcy assistance.

Make Bankruptcy Work For you in Las Vegas

Las Vegas bankruptcy may seem like prospective stress and shame.  There is no reason for this.  Bankruptcy is a debt relief tool.  Bankruptcy can help you get your life back on track.  The top priority of our Las Vegas bankruptcy is to help you use bankruptcy law to liquidate your debt or reorganize your debt so that it stops being a burden.

Erik Severino is the #1 bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas for customer service.  Erik handles all of his cases personally, thus, he won’t file as many bankruptcies as some of the other Bankruptcy Mill firms.  However, Erik strives for quality work instead of quantity.  Each Las Vegas bankruptcy client gets his personal touch. 

With over a decade of experience filing Nevada bankruptcies, our firm has a wide base of knowledge that allows us to better assist those seeking foreclosure assistance or bankruptcy help in Las Vegas.  Call us now at (702) 370-0155 for a free consultation.  Filing bankruptcy in Nevada can help you to get your life back on track.

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